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Bob and Betty Akenhead
Bob Akenhead,  Amtrak 23
9/11/1925 - 3/1/2011
Bob is a native of Minnesota and came to Arizona via California. Here he is with his wife, Betty, at a Chapter 33 luncheon
Bob A
Bill and Carol Allen
Bill Allen
1/1/1918 - 12/21/2002  (H&S-I-14)
Bill, pictured here with his wife, Carole, had a long distinguished career in the Marine Corps. He enlisted in Dec., 1936. Upon discharge after his 4 year commitment was up, he reenlisted as a corporal in Dec., 1940. He rose to rank of Sergeant Major and joined the 4th Marine Division in  1943.    He was promoted to 2nd Lt. during the Saipan invasion and received the Bronze Star for his actions on Tinian.    He steadily advanced after WW II and retired as a Major in Nov. 1963. He was an Officer and a Gentleman.
Bill is sorely missed by all in the chapter.
Major Bill Allen
Ben and Alma Amodei

 Ben Amodei 5/28/25 - 12/31/2011
  Here is Ben with his wife, Alma, at a Grand Canyon Chapter luncheon.   Originally from Philadelphia, Ben married, had 8 children, drove a semi for 25 years before becoming a AAA Insurance agent. He worked in New York, Wichita, KS,  and back to Philadelphia, before he retired to Florida.   Then he moved to Arizona in 2002 to settle down

Ben Amodei in Marines
Charlie and Gloria Bagnole
Charlie,Bagnole 6/9/1926 - 12/23/2002
Charlie, shown here with Gloria, his wife, came to Arizona from New Jersey around 1950. He did spectrographic analysis for a foundry,  raised greyhound dogs and owned a Pizza Pro parlor before retiring.    Charlie served one or two terms as Chapter president and aided in the memorial project. He was active in all chapter functions Charlie is sorely missed by the chapter. 
Charlie Bagnole in 1944
Carl and Millie Baker

Carl Baker,  5/18/1920 - 7/6/2008
     Pictured here with Carl is his wife, Millie, on their 55th anniversary. They were originally from New Jersey where Carl was in plastic extrusion  for 26 years. They came to Arizona in the 1970's where he had been an airplane and boating enthusiast. He spent many happy hours on Lake Powell or flying his plane as well as ultralites.
Pictured at right is Carl and a Marine buddy.

Carl Baker and a Marine buddy
Bill and Helen Bingaman

Bill Bingaman, 12/3/1922 - 2/12/2009
 Bill is pictured here with his wife, Helen, whom he married in 1945  upon discharge from the Corps. He served as a Japanese interpreter  and came back to finish college at the College of Wooster in Ohio  and the McCormick Theological Seminary in Chicago. He was a  Presbyterian minister for 40 years before calling Arizona home in 1980

Bill Bingaman in 1943
Warren and Enid ConnellWarren Connell  (3-I-23)
1944 - 6/29/2014
 Pictured is Warren and his wife, Enid.
Warren joined the 4th Division on Iwo Jima as a replacement on D-Day + 5..
Following WW II, Warren was called up for service in the Korean conflict and and served as an infantry instructor..
After his Marine service, he became  a Pepsi Cola Franchise owner in Grand Island, Nebraska. He and Enid came to Arizona in 1996 from Grand Island..
His picture at right was taken in 1944 while on Boot Leave..
Warren Connell
Tom and Betty Chukas

Tom Chukas, JASCO
7/6/1924 - 1/23/2015

Tom his wife, Betty, are originally from Cedar Rapids, Iowa.  He was the Advertising Director for The Cedar Rapids Gazette for 42 years before he and Betty moved to Arizona in 1988 after retirement.
Tom leaves his wife, Betty, and son Rick (Julie) of  Nashville, TN and 2 grandchildren

Jim and Helen Duke
Jim Duke,  7/30/1925 - 8/4/2011

Jim Duke is shown here with his wife, Helen. They came to Arizona in 1947 from Shenandoah, Iowa. He was in the electric sign business until retirement in 1978

To the right Jim is flanked on his left by Dan Duran and DeWayne Dickman on his right.

Jim Duke and friends
Phil Euler talking to Bob Gerdon on the right

Phil Euler  shown here with Bob Gerdon at a Chapter 33 picnic. Phil came to us from New Jersey and lived in Prescott Arizona.

4th Marine Division patch
Al Fenn with Japanese flag found on Iwo Jima
Al Fenn       1919 - 2/22/09       3rd Div.

Al Fenn of the 3rd Division came in on Iwo Jima on the 3rd day and was attached to the 4th Division until the rest of the 3rd Division came ashore.  Here he is at a Chapter 33 luncheon displaying a Japanese flag he found on Iwo.

Al Fenn on Guam
Bob and Marge Gerdon
 Bob Gerdon, JASCO
1924 - 4/03/14

Bob and his wife, Marge spend their summers in Alaska where he used to own an auto parts store. Will be back this fall and we will update this bio sketch.

Bob Gerdon

Flash and Honey Gordon
Flash Gordon (USN/USMC)        9/28/1925 - 6/15/2003  (1-A-24)     Here is Flash with his wife, Honey. Born in Chicago, Flash came to Arizona over 70 years ago and owned Gordon's Hobby Lobby store in Phoenix for 45 years.    The Gordon and LeBeau families started Camp Rainbow for children Cancer survivors and also volunteered at the Burn Camp Courage in Prescott where his wife, Harriet, and Flash did arts and Crafts for almost 20 years with the camp children all week.    He also had the most volunteer hours at the Phoenix Children’s Hospital where the hospital dedicated a mural to Flash for his beaded “LOVE BUG” craft that he shared with all the kids.    He was a Marine veteran of WWII serving on Iwo Jima in a medical unit with the 4th Marine Division.    He was also a volunteer probation officer and part of the first ever Scared Straight Program, along with the title of Lieutenant Governor for the Optimist Club.
Flash Gordon
Howard and Doris Haury
Howard Haury 8/14/25-4/12/2005    (A-1-14)   Originally from Chicago, Howard is shown here with his wife, Doris, at a reunion banquet.    Howard was a member of the 4th Division Association before Chapter #33 was chartered and was determined to get a local chapter. In 1988 he rounded up 10  members of the national association and talked them  into a meeting with Jack Claven, the National President at the time. From that meeting the Grand Canyon Chapter was founded.
He also decided we needed to install a memorial for the 4th Division of WW II and was instrumental in getting approval from the state legislature to put the memorial in Wesley Bolin Plaza directly on the east side of the State Capitol. Following its installation, he decided we should install  bricks with members' names at the memorial site.
He was a 100% supporter of the Marine Corps, the 4th Division and Chapter 33 and the Toys for Tots program. 
Howard is sorely missed by all his friends.
Howard Haury in 1944
Chuck and Dianne Hilton

Chuck Hilton  3/18/1928 - 12/7/2009

Chuck is pictured here with his wife of 49 years, Diane.
Wounded on Iwo, he spent 10 months in hospitals. He was discharged in New York in 1946 at the ripe age of 17. (He enlisted when he was 15.) Went to Washington, D.C., then to Los Angeles where he worked for North American which morphed to Rockwell International and finally to Boeing Aircraft. He retired in 1984 and he and Diane settled in Wickenburg, AZ in 1994. 

Chuck Hilon
Bob and Jean Honea
 Emmit R.(Bob) Honea 
9/4/1920 - 2/21/x2012

Bob and his wife, Jean  came to Phoenix in 2011 to be near their son, Gary. Enlisted in 1939 and discharged in 1946.
He made a career in Navy Civil Service as an airplane mechanic at North Island Naval Station. Served with 14th artillery in the 4th Division on Saipan, Tinian and Iwo Jima. Proud to be a member of the Fighting Fourth.

Bob in 1945
Herb and Dorothy Levinson and daugter, Lisa

Herb Levinson 1/13/1924 - 3/2/2009

   Here Herb is pictured with his daughter and wife, Lisa and Dorothy.
   Born in Chicago, he enlisted in 1943 and was with 4th Division through all 4 Pacific invasions.
   He and Dorothy operated a Womens  Fashion Store for 33 years and he then went into auto leasing and sales.
   They moved to Sedona, Arizona, in 1999.
Herb died the way he lived; A proud United States Marine.

Marine Herb Levinson
Chet and Ruth Miller on vacation
Chet Miller  (USN/USMC)  
1-10-1924/12-9-2000  (3-L-24) 
Chet, a corpsman, is shown here with Ruth while on a cruise. He was one of the founding members of Chapter 33 and was the chapter's first secretary. He and Howard worked together to get the chapter chartered through the national association.
Chet was originally from Indiana and came to Arizona in 1952. He earned a B.S. degree from Butler U. and a M.S. degree from Purdue University. He worked for many years in the concrete industry.
Chet is sorely missed by all in the chapter
Chet Miller on Lake Powell
Ken and Betty Neary
   Ken Neary, Co D-Hq Bn

   Ken Neary is shown here with his wife, Betty. He served for 20 years with the NYC PD retiring as a 1st Grade detective.
   Following that he went to California and was an E.F.Hutton stockbroker for 13 years before coming home to Arizona

Ken Neary
Gordon and Betty Peters
Gordon Peters,  3/16/1921 - 1/4/2001  
Pictured here with his wife, Betty, at a Chapter 33 picnic.    Gordon, was originally from Milwaukee where he worked in sales for the Hobart Corporation. He came to Arizona after retirement in 1984.
Marine Gordon Peters
Ken and Joanne Russell
Secretary Ken Russell 1/18/1924 - 1/4/2012        (3-G-14)
and his wife, Joanne.    Ken is almost a native Arizonan, having come to Arizona as a child. He grew up in Jerome and is an Arizona State University graduate.    His wife, Joanne, very graciously and efficiently serves as chapter co- secretary.    Before taking on this job, Joanne was secretary to Polly Rosenbaum, the longest serving Arizona State Representative for longer than she likes to remember.
At right Ken is pictured with his mother.
Ken Russell and his mom 1944
Bill and helen Salisbury
Bill Salisbury  7/23/1922 - 10/18/1993 USN/USMC  is shown here with his wife, Helen.

Helen  8/27/1922 - 4/18/2001
is also a WW II Navy veteran.
She was a member of the Arizona Cactus Waves.
Bill Salisbury in uniform.
Norman Smyle
Norman Smyle HQ-3-25

Currently we are hoping to get from Norman's son some information for a biographical sketch for this space
4th Marine Division patch
Bruce and Corrine Starkweather

Bruce Starkweather, 7/1/1926 - 4/4/2008

14th/HqCo/HqBn                        This is Bruce with his wife, Corrine. Bruce came to Arizona from Madison, Wisconsin and made his home in Sun City until his passing. He is also survived by his daughters, Leslie of Peoria, AZ and Tracey of Madison.

Marine Bruce Starkweather
JudyCharland with Harvey and Madeline Vollmer

Harvey Vollmer, Pioneers 1922 - 12/1/2005

   Harvey and his wife of 59 years, Madeline, are in conversation with Judy Charland on the left, following a Chapter 33 meeting. Harvey came to Arizona from Cleveland, Ohio and lived for 25 years in Sun City, Arizona.    He was a devoted sports fan and enjoyed bowling.

USMC Globe
Other members of our chapter who have passed on:
Al Arsenault
Ralph Cornett
John Marr
Tom Maynes
L.D. McElhaney
Frank Ruben, USN/USMC
Ken Scheitlin
James Schladwiler
Jim Seymour
Darrell Sorum