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Jim and Ginnie Keller
Jim Keller, A-1-23Jim Keller, A-1-23

   Jim is shown here with Ginnie. After entering the Marine Corps
in Oklahoma City, he worked in the newspaper business, switched to life insurance for a while, then became a FHA-VA real estate appraiser. These jobs took him from Oklahoma to Colorado to Georgia before settling in Arizona in 1964.
  They enjoy traveling in a 40 ft. diesel motor home.

Jim Keller
Bob and Kathryn Kepler
Bob Kepler,1-Hq-23 (Scout)

   Bob Kepler came to Arizona with his wife, Kathryn, from Detroit, MI, in 1959.They are shown here on their 58th
wedding anniversary. He was in the construction business building commercial and custom homes for 60 years.
   He has a home in Puerta Penasco,  (Rocky Point), Mexico.
   The marine pic was made on LST 512 where he was on duty after making all of the 4th's operations.
   On a tour to Iwo Jima in 2003, Bob found the pill box where he spent the night of Feb. 19, 1945, after being hit during the landing.
See picture below. In the background is Mt. Suribachi.

Bob Kepler

Don O'Neill
 Don O'neill        3-I-14

   Don was born in Denver, Co. and enlisted in the Marines at age 17.  His boot camp platoon included recruit Tyrone Power.
   After discharge in 1945 he went to the University of Portland, class of 1949.
   He then became a fire truck dealer. First fire truck he sold was for $16,000.00. The last one was $750,000.00. That's inflation.

Don O'Neill
Marvin Puryear
Marvin Puryear,JASCO

    Originally from El Dorado, Arkansas, Marv has had a long and successful career in real estate in Arizona since 1955.
SMC Globe
Don and Lanni Sweeney
Don Sweeney, Machine Gun Plt. F Co 2Bn 24th Mar, here with his wife, Lainie. Don was wounded on Iwo. Called back for the Korean war. Served in Viet Nam. Retired as GySgt in 1969. He and his wife live in New River, AZ.

Don Sweeney in 1944
Paul Weber
 Paul Weber, Co B-Tanks

   Paul is shown here on his patio in Sun City, Arizona. He came to Arizona in 1985 after 36 years of fire fighting in Detroit, MI.

USMC Emb;em
Grover and Dottie Thompson
Grover Thompson 4th Signal Co.
Shown here with his wife, Dottie, Grover hails from Gettysburg, PA, and winters here in Sun City West. Volunteered for Marine Corps and participated in action during all four 4th Division campaigns. After discharge he founded and operated a successful restaurant in Gettysburg. He is a member of The Grand Slam Club and has bagged all four species of American Wild Sheep. God bless American and Semper Fi.
Grover Thompson
Jim Head 5th Division-1st Plt/S&S Co/5th Serv Bn Jim is pictured here with his wife, Norma.
We have made Jim an honorary member of our Chapter. He is a veteran of the Iwo Campaign and has become friends with our Chapter.
He joined the Marine Corps right  out of High School in 1943 and was  discharged in 1946. Following a career as a machinist, he wound up in Phoenix working at Air Research and retired here in 1987.
On the right Jim is posing with a Japanese interpreter in the city of Sasebo on the island of Kyshu in  Japan